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Andaluri SrinivasPMP Smart Infrastructure posted:

Is there effort to standardize RE industry products and user specifications ? 1 year ago Like

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Narasimhan Santhanam Hi Srinivas - excellent question.

The question is all the more important as RE tries to become mainstream - which is possible only if there are clean standards and reliable specifications that users can depend on.

Currently, both solar and wind power plants have enough international standards and specifications that users and other stakeholders can use. I am not entirely sure about the small wind turbine market, but the MW scale wind turbine market surely has all the standards and specs, as it is a fairly mature industry now. Solar PV power plants today have reliable IEC standards for almost all the components - panels, inverters, junction boxes, and other DC and AC components.

The existence of standards and certifications start getting shaky once you start moving beyond solar PV and MW scale wind. Even in solar, Solar CSP (solar thermal based power generation) is still an industry with competing, technologies in a flux. Other RE sources such as biomass, geothermal etc., have standards and specifications to various degrees, but I doubt they are anywhere near as industry standard as they are for solar PV and wind.

The one another RE source that has all the standards and user specs in place is hydro power - both large and small hydro power plants. This is once again because hydro power is an old industry - over one hundred years to be exact!

Hope my answer was of help.

Divya Prabha M.V Hi Srinivas, I work mainly on Solar PV.Maybe I can try and throw some light on this with regard to the solar sector.
When it comes to electrical standards and certifications, there are several of them in place for each component in the solar sector. MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) has issued several guidelines on the standards, warranties and certifications required for solar power plant components. You may find more information on the same at
Link />
The installation should also be in compliance with the usual IS standards wherever applicable, i.e, in case of earthing, wiring and other standard procedures.

Divya Prabha M.V However, do note that the standardizations are pretty much non-existent in the solar PV off-grid segment. Like

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