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Aravind Venugopalan posted:

Can we use Solar power to replace Diesel Gensets during power cuts? 2 years ago Like

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Narasimhan Santhanam The answer is: In select cases, yes. Solar power is infirm, so during power cuts you cannot completely rely on it, unless you combine batteries with it. Battery storage might not be economically viable for large scale rooftop solar, so you will need a hybrid of solar (without batteries) and diesel genset. So, for small scale, yes can replace DG sets. For large scale, usually a DG-Solar hybrid. Like

Narasimhan Santhanam Arvind, you can also check out the following pages we have published on my company web sites Solar Mango & EAI, on this topic: 1. Diesel reduction using solar – what is the reality? - Link ; 2. Can Rooftop Solar PV Replace Diesel Entirely? - Link ; 3. Diesel to Solar – A Case Study On PV Plant Sizing - Link Like

Aravind Venugopalan Thanks for the reply, sir Like

Narasimhan Santhanam My pleasure, Aravind. Just to add to the points I had made earlier, in some of the cases we investigated for commercial units using solar/diesel hybrid, we inferred that they reduced about 15-20% of diesel use, and resulted in an overall cost reduction of about 12-15%. Not a massive replacement really, but perhaps not insignificant either. Like

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