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BALAJI CS posted:

As Wind & Solar market has become quite matured now don't you feel the need to focus more on promotion of storage technologies? I have a feeling especially from India's perspective having set 200GW of RE Tgt by 2020 the sector deserves more attention & focus and we are yet to initiate measurers so as to establish a firm foot print in this front 1 year ago Like

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Narasimhan Santhanam Hi Balaji, a very valid question/suggestion indeed.

My only addition to this would be that the government should think beyond just battery storage tech. Battery storage is going to take time to get to economies that allow it to be used on a very large scale.

Besides, I really do not see battery breakthroughs coming from India in the next 10 years - so essentially, no point putting in R&D money into something where Eu or US is doing a far better job, it is better to wait for breakthroughs there and adapt/adopt them here.

We should probably do more work on stuff like pumped hydro in which India anyway has experience by way of running large hydro power plants (almost 40 GW of India's power capacity is from hydro). Perhaps some work on compressed air storage and the like could make sense too.

But overall, there's no denying what you suggest: To achieve 200 GW of RE by 2022 (in a total power capacity of perhaps of about 525 GW by then), we should look at energy storage as a key enabler. Else, having 40% of total capacity as infirm power source could be quite - insane.

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