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Bhaskar Varun Prasad Konduri posted:

What is the cost break-up of manufacturing PV cells and modules in India & in China? 2 years ago Like

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Narasimhan Santhanam My answer may not be able to do justice to the good question, but here it goes: For solar cells, for raw materials, labour, or capital costs, the costs for India are same as what they are for China. Cost of power and interest costs are lower in China, but these are subsidised prices. So, if not for govt meddling in China, their cost of solar cell making will be the same as what it is for India. Like

Narasimhan Santhanam For a solar module made in India, the rough cost break up is: 60% of total is the cell cost, about 25% other raw material and consumables cost, only about 10-15% of total for the rest - electricity, labour, other indirect overheads and amortization. Like

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