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Nikhil Vinay posted:

Many do not consider hydro power as renewable energy. Why is it so? 2 years ago Like

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Narasimhan Santhanam Excellent question, Nikhil.

However, I might have to add a small rider - and it has to do with the term Renewable...because, this term and the term Alternative are sometimes used interchangeably...though technically they mean completely different things.

You see, most (if not all) industry professionals do not consider hydro power to be an alternative source of energy, and rightly so, because hydro power has been a conventional source of energy for very long - in fact, in many countries, the first units of electricity over a century back were generated from hydro power plants.

Thus, clearly, hydro power plants (small or large) are not alternative energy power plants.

But, are they renewable? Without a doubt, yes. Water is a renewable resource, and hence, it is a no-brainer that so is energy dependent on water.

So, folks are wrong when they do not include hydro power under Renewable Energy. They are however absolutely correct when they exclude it from Alternative Energy!

Here's a related post I put in the blog I run - Cleantech Guide. You might be interested in reading it when time permits.


Divya Prabha M.V I have also heard about reservoirs associated with large hydro-electric projects being a major source of CO2 emissions. So hydel power is not exactly as green as we think it is. Please comment Like

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